Mandatory Prevention Training for Employees and Student Employees

Training Courses

Western requires all faculty and staff, including temporary employees and student employees to complete mandatory online prevention training. Western currently provides this important learning opportunity by implementing three online courses:

  1. Groundswell -  Harassment and Discrimination Prevention (estimated duration: 60-90 minutes). This course prepares learners to cultivate and maintain a workplace culture resistant to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Employees will be provided with information and skills that promote intervention, empathy, and allyship, including how to prevent unlawful harassment, identify issues, and resolve conflicts. 

  2. Meridians - Clery Act and Title IX (estimated duration: 30-45 minutes). This course takes a close look at the issue of sexual harassment, including sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking, in higher education; reviews responsibilities of faculty, staff and student employees as mandatory reporters under Title IX, including best practices related to reporting disclosures of sexual harassment to the University's Title IX Coordinator; and includes important regulatory updates.

  3. Hazing and Bullying Prevention for Employees (estimated duration: 20-25 minutes). This course reviews the definition of hazing and the University's prohibition on hazing, and provides examples of hazing, including educating on the signs and dangers of hazing, how widespread the problem tends to be, and how we as a University community can help keep everyone safe.

These courses satisfy University training requirements for faculty, staff, and student employees related to harassment and discrimination prevention, sexual violence primary prevention and awareness, and hazing and bullying prevention. Completion of these underlying training requirements is mandatory for all Western faculty, staff, and student employees. (For additional information related to employee prevention training requirements, see POL-U1600.04; Chapter 28B.10 RCW).

How do Employees and Student Employees access these trainings?

New and existing employees who are due for on-going trainings will be assigned by CRTC. Western has partnered with Get Inclusive as the official vendor to deliver these online trainings. Upon assignment, employees will receive an email invitation from containing information for how to access and complete the required trainings. Employees can also login directly to the online learning platform (requires WWU login) to access their assigned training modules. Employees should complete the trainings within 45 days of being assigned to them, and are strongly encouraged to complete the trainings as soon as possible, in recognition of their importance to the University community. If any of the training remain incomplete, the individual's supervisor/organizational leadership may be contacted.

Western is sensitive to community members who have a personal history with sexual violence, discrimination, or bullying/hazing. Individuals who feel that one or more of the trainings would be unacceptably distressing due to personal experience may contact CRTC staff at (360) 650-2307 or to request an alternative way to receive important information contained in the training(s).

Student Training

While student employees are required to complete the same online prevention training as faculty and staff, all students also receive similar online training which is administered by Western's Counseling and Wellness Services. Students can find information about their training, including how to request exemptions, on the Counseling and Wellness Center website.