Disability Accommodations

Public Accommodations

Western sponsors many activities and programs that are available to the public. Federal laws require Western to include equal opportunity statements in print and online versions of University publications.The Equal Opportunity Statement should appear in a location that is easy to find, such as near the front of the document (e.g., inside front cover or title page) or on the inside of the back cover. Examples of Opportunity Statements are available on this website, as are resources for creating accessible events.

Student Accommodations

Federal legislation, including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (as amended) requires schools to provide effective services, and to modify policies/procedures in order to afford qualified students with disabilities equal access to all curricular and co-curricular opportunities. To this purpose, the University is responsible for delineating an interactive process, which allows students to self-identify as having a disability, and which determines appropriate individualized accommodations based on each student's experience and healthcare provider documentation. University Policy 1600.03 identifies the Disability Access Center (DAC) as the office responsible for facilitating this process. DAC staff maintain confidential records, determine whether a student has a disability, and what accommodations are necessary to afford equal access to students with disabilities. The Disability Access Center is open Monday through Friday, and located at the Bellingham Campus in the Wilson Library 170.

Employee Accommodations

Western is committed to supporting employees and job applicants with disabilities. To learn more, or to request an accommodation, please refer to the Human Resources web-page on Workplace Accommodation.


POL –U1600.03 Accommodating Persons with Disabilities

POL – U1600.07 Ensuring Accessible Electronic Information Technology

PRO – U1600.03A Requesting an Employee Disability Accommodation

PRO – U1600.03B Requesting a Reasonable Accommodation for Job Application Process

PRO – U1600.03C Requesting Classroom Accommodation by Faculty