COVID-19 Training Updates

Online learning opportunities are available in Western's Training Portal. Mandatory sexual harassment prevention trainings are currently suspended while the CRTC works to become compliant with the new 2020 Title IX Regulations. 


CRTC staff provides training and facilitated conversation on a variety of other topics concerning discrimination, equal opportunity, affirmative action, and diversity and inclusion. All upcoming training dates and select online learning opportunities for employees are published in Western's Training Portal.

Training Options

WWU Civil Rights & Title IX Compliance Training for Students

You Belong Here


Title IX Crash Course


What You Can Do


Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Training

All new employees and new matriculated students are required to complete online training about sexual violence prevention and response. This training requirement, contained in Western’s Policy on Preventing and Responding to Sex Discrimination, Including Sexual Misconduct, reflects Western’s culture and values. It is part of a national effort across college campuses aimed at decreasing sexual violence, empowering university community members to engage as bystanders, and building awareness about how to support survivors. The training also ensures students, faculty and staff are aware of their rights under Title IX, a civil rights law prohibiting sex discrimination, including sexual violence.

New employees will be assigned to the online training by the CRTC following their start date, and upon assignment, will receive an email invitation containing information to access/complete the online training. New employees should complete the online training within one week of being assigned to it. The training will take approximately one hour to complete. The student version of sexual violence prevention training is provided by Western's Prevention and Wellness Services.

Western is sensitive to community members who have a personal history with sexual violence. Students, faculty and staff who feel this training would be unacceptably upsetting due to that experience may contact Prevention and Wellness Services at (360) 650-2993 (students) or the CRTC at (360) 650-3307 (employees) to discuss an alternative way to receive important information contained in the training. 

Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action Training

Multiple federal and state civil rights laws require that all job applicants be provided with an equal opportunity to seek employment at Western. Affirmative action regulations likewise require that search committees engage in proactive efforts to build diverse applicant pools for staff positions. This training explores what these requirements mean in practice as we conduct searches for both classified staff, and professional staff positions. Professional staff and faculty search committees are required to receive training prior to the evaluation of candidates. Classified staff and student employee search committees can request a training to meet their needs.

OCR Webinars: Federal Civil Rights Protections in Education

OCR Webinar: Title IX Regulations Addressing Sexual Harassment