Our Services

Civil Rights Compliance

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  • Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504
  • Executive Order 11246, VEVRAA, Section 503
  • Title IX (discrimination based on sex)
  • Title VI (discrimination based on race)
  • Title VII (employment discrimination)
  • Washington Law Against Discrimination
  • U.S. Constitution

Training & Assessment

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The Office facilitates civil rights and title IX training, and publishes resources and communications regarding any new regulations or guidance from the Office for Civil Rights, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Washington State legislature.

The Office periodically engages in climate surveys and assessments.

Resource Referrals

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The Office collaborates with diverse campus units to provide coordinated and individualized support for students and employees who have been affected by discriminatory behavior or activities. Resource referrals and supportive measures can include, but are not limited to interim no-contact orders safety planning, and changes to class schedules and/or university housing.


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The Office is a resource for the Western community, serving academic and administrative departments, as well as individual faculty, staff, and students. We provide consultation in regards to civil rights concerns, hiring best practices, policy implementation and violation, prevention, remediation, and internal procedural processes.

Informal Resolutions

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The University is committed to resolving complaints alleging illegal discrimination, including harassment, at the earliest and most informal level, depending on the nature of the complaint. Our informal resolution process includes aspects of interest-based mediation, negotiation and various conflict resolution strategies.


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The University is committed to conducting civil rights and Title IX investigations in a timely and effective manner, adhering to the principles of due process in all investigations. No individual shall be penalized, or retaliated against in any way by a member of the university community for their participation in the Discrimination Complaint Procedure.