Our Staff

Contacting the CRTC

The CRTC office staff are involved in a wide range of functions. For general inquires, or for reporting discriminatory conduct, please contact the office at crtc@wwu.edu or by phone at 360-650-3307. Discriminatory conduct can also be reported by using the online Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination reporting form.

Have a hiring-related question?

All hiring-related inquiries can be directed to the Manager, Equal Opportunity Compliance Lynae Rickman.

Training and Qualifications

Our staff pursues regular training on a wide variety of relevant topics.

Training histories and qualifications of each staff member are available in the below tiles.

Melynda Huskey, Ph.D

Interim Executive Director, Title IX Coordinator, ADA Coordinator


360-650-3839 | Old Main 345

Lynae Rickman, MBA

Manager, Equal Opportunity Compliance


(360) 650-2307 | Old Main 355

Eric Scott, J.D.

Civil Rights/Title IX Investigator


360-650-3195 | Old Main 345

Lawton Tufts, J.D.

Civil Rights/Title IX Investigator


360-650-3307 | Old Main 345

Nate Paterson, BA

Administrative Assistant 4


(360) 650-3307 | Old Main 345

Samantha Bragg, M.Ed Candidate

Civil Rights/Title IX Intake and Case Manager


(360) 650-3307 | Old Main 345