Our Staff

Contacting the CRTC

The CRTC office staff are involved in a wide range of functions. For general inquires, or for reporting discriminatory conduct, please contact the office at crtc@wwu.edu or by phone at 360-650-3307. Discriminatory conduct can also be reported by using the online Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination reporting form.

Have a hiring-related question?

All hiring-related inquiries can be directed to the CRTC Compliance Manager, Lynae Rickman.

Training and Qualifications

Our staff pursues regular training on a wide variety of relevant topics. Training histories and qualifications of each staff member are available in the below tiles.

Angelo Gomez, J.D.

Interim Executive Director, CRTC


| OM 340

Lynae Rickman, MBA

Manager, Compliance


(360) 650-2307 | Old Main 355

Mary Heller, MCJ

Title IX / Civil Rights Investigator


(360) 650-3307 | Old Main 345

Samantha Bragg, M.Ed Candidate

Intake and Case Manager


(360) 650-3307 | Old Main 345